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Domain Registration

Do you know popular search engines like Google, give first priority to ‘Exact Match Domain’? To quote an example, if the user is searching for ‘dictionary’ then Google search results are ‘dictionary.reference.com’, ‘dictionary.cambridge.org’, so on and so forth. Hence, often there is a race for domain names containing keywords that are the most sorted ones pertaining to a particular product or service.

Web-in-Clicks gives its clients liberty to register domain of their choice. Not only this, it comes to you with add-on features like unlimited space, hosting, large number of business emails, etc. It is always thoughtless choice to register all the domains that are relevant to your site for example webdevelopers.com, webdevelopers.net, webdevelopers.org, webdevelopers.nic, webdevelopers.biz, etc. There are lot of advantages of doing so. Firstly, you have more than one option for claiming that domain name; moreover, no other competitor can misuse your hard earned reputation.

A lot of keywords analysis is involved in the process of selecting an appropriate domain name for your business category. It is understood that domain names with two or three keywords are mostly occupied. Hence there is demand for performing exhaustive keywords research on monthly scale as well. To obtain a clear cut picture, monthly search for exact keywords needs to be done.

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